Friday, October 16, 2009

Who Shook the Etch A Sketch?!

So yesterday I went to take my first math exam. No book, no notes allowed. Just a pencil and they give you the scratch paper. I really studied. Some of it came easy, some not so much. My boyfriend and my son both helped when I couldn't wrap my brain around it. Study, study, study. One thing I noticed was any of the new stuff I was learning I could do a few problems then I would forget how to do it. Refer back to the book or my notes and continue on. Anything that was rehashing, stuff I already learned in school previously, I was fine with. It's like I just cant retain the new stuff. So exam time. The items that I had a harder time learning were at the beginning of the test. Breezed thru it. Got a little over half way, problem 18 out of 25 and it was gone. All of it, even the easy stuff. My brain is like a fkn etch a sketch. So, I sat there for 20 minutes trying to clear my head. Focusing on anything but math and the whirlwind of butterflies in my stomach. Swallowing the lump in my throat. I'm not going to cry. Back to the page, double checked my first answers. Wasn't sure if they were right anymore. Was I supposed to add or multiply after I flipped the fraction? Back to the end, tried again. It was gone. With no notes and no book to refer back to I was screwed. I handed in my test and left. Hoping the first answers were right, if not, I think I may have failed that class.

On the flip side, anthropology and English I seem to be pulling off just fine. As long as they don't take my anthropology book away and I read the chapter more that once I retain a lot of it. English = easy A. The only issue I had with that was breaking away from this style of writing to correct essay format. That was a bitch. Gimme a topic and I can run with it...oh wait, you want me to put it how?

Damn that felt good to way lol.

I hate my MS brain.