Monday, November 14, 2005

Must bitch now. Yes this is Vegas ba-by! Land of fantasy, intrigue, movie stars, casinos, ferarri's, whores, strippers etc etc... And when you move here with an attitude like that "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Just leave your money when you go. Did you move here with a bankroll? Good! Then you are not who I'm addressing. Did you move here to seek out a good job or make fast buck on our booming, overpriced real estate market? Good! I'm not talking to you either. I'm talking about all the 20 and 30 somethings who come here on vacation and fall in love with the party life and decide to move to the adult disneyland. Helllloooooo, you couldn't party all the time back wherever it was you came from and make a living what the hell makes you think this would be any different??? There are real people here. With real families, jobs and responsiblities. Its like any other city. Except we have legalized gaming everywhere, there is no last call and the weather is lovely in the winter. What pisses me off are the influx of 5000+ people a month who move here seeking god knows what. Local officials keep tabs on the population boom but what I would like to know is how many people run from here with their tail between there legs? Having lived here for 22 years (I had no choice in moving here I was a child) and pretty much grown up here. I know how this place goes. Growing up with the transient nature of Las Vegas I've compared it to being a military brat... only I didn't do the moving. Honestly, I think people leave the worsts of themselves in Vegas. The good parts are what they take when they go. That's why anywhere must be better than here.

PS. To everyone who swears everything is better everywhere else...Go Home. If you miss it that much, sheesh. I've heard for days who has the best pizza, best chinese, best italian food, best skiing, best air, nicest people, least traffic, bluest skies...yada yada yada. If it sux so bad here why'd you leave where you were??? Go home, make my commute easier LOL.