Sunday, May 24, 2015

Crazy? Yup.

Something has been bothering me for awhile. It's resurfaced since the Aurora theater shooting trial started. I am angry. I know he is supposed to get his due process. He was caught red handed. He admitted what he did. He admitted to setting up explosives at his apartment to create a diversion. Oh wait, but he's crazy! Please, we can't possibly incarcerate a crazy person that attempted to kill a boatload of people. WHAT??? Why? Fuck him. He knew what he was doing. Why does crazy get him off? What sane person would do that? I am sorry, when you are a danger to the rest of the inhabitants of this planet you deserve to be locked away from them. You shot a 6 year old girl four times. Killing her, paralyzed her mother and caused her to have a miscarriage. Not only did you murder her children you prevented her from having any more. You shot a budding stand up comedian in the eye. Two days before his first child was born. You silenced him. He can no longer talk and is wheel chair bound. You don't deserve crazy. What did you leave them with?

I have a hard time with the death penalty. This is a moral struggle I've had for years. When I got the jury summons at first I was excited, hoping to be chosen. Then it sank in. I do not want to be on that jury (I was not required to appear). Someone else's life in my hands. In the eyes of the law he is deserving of the death penalty. I cannot take another human life. The struggle I have is how can you say you are different than him and then sentence him to die? Because you're acting within the law? Laws change. Morality is forever.

Back to my rant... All of us can agree that no sane person is capable of what he did. Insanity sounds like a cop out. If he was mentally retarded, with an IQ of 50, I can understand not knowing right from wrong. If they are dangerous lock them up.

Another one that just made me heart sick was the girls in Florida that tortured and killed a gopher tortoise. The adult of the two is not competent to stand trial. WTF? She was competent enough to film what they did and post it online! Competency should not be an issue. She knew what she did and was proud of it. Answer for it.

"So when the preacher comes to get me
And they shave off all my hair
Could you take that long walk with me
Knowing hell is waitin' there
Could you pull that switch yourself sir
With a sure and steady hand
Could you still tell youself
That you're better than I am"

-Steve Earle

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Anonymous said...

I'm not going to defend either of these, but mental health is a growing problem in the U.S. and it's complicated by the problem that it isn't openly discussed. One doesn't require a low IQ to not be fully aware of what they are doing. They may even know the action, but not truly understand the consequences.

That said, that shouldn't mean they bear no responsibility. But at what point do we as a society bear the responsibility to deal with mental illness. Currently it is all but ignored and then we stand surprised when when horrible things happen.

PS: Glad to see you back, even if momentarily.